The automobile has always been reserved for men because women had previously had few rights.Women are much freer today, gender equality has taken over and so is the automotive sector.

The car is no longer the good of men and no longer refers to the macho and conformist world of recent centuries.

Women today buy their cars themselves. They look for safety, reliability and added value when choosing their cars. Do not try to sell them only a nice color and a beautiful interior.

Women are taking the wheel.

The Internet has also made things change because women are now very well informed about all the characteristics of automobiles. Indeed, they often have more information than men when they buy a car.

There are more women than men on earth; Women are therefore a real target for the automotive market.

Women influence more than 80% of decisions when buying a car. They look for power, and also like to hear that there are horses. Women, depending on their age and their family situation, will head for city or family sedans. They look for the car that best meets their criteria.

According to canadaautoapproval , three criteria that matter to women when choosing a car are:

  • security, a motion and distance sensor, for example, makes it easier to choose.
  • comfort, seats suitable for women for example, with a smaller size than those that are regularly very large.
  • the call system, which allows for better security and assistance at all times.

Women are definitely a target that car specialists need to consider and listen to! A study by Frost & Sullivan shows that 75% of women feel misunderstood by automotive companies. Future cars may be designated for them and they will be the first to buy them.

Thus, while the automotive industry has evolved greatly over the years, much remains to be done.