If you do not personally own a Honda Civic, you probably know at least one person in your entourage who owns one and there is a reason for that. The Civic is the best-selling car in Canada for the past 19 years with its distinctive design, reliability and value for money, just to name a few. Obviously, I had to test the 2017 model, so I contacted my friends at Honda Ste-Rose .

This new platform marks the 10th generation of the Civic, and Honda has successfully designed this one! From the slightly aggressive front bumper to the magnificent front headlights with LEDs to the rear design a little out of the ordinary, the look of the car has a nice sporty and classy balance.

The Car

I was testing the fully-equipped Touring model that comes with a 1.5-liter engine, 4-cylinder turbocharged 16-valve, direct injection, DOHC, 174 hp at 6500 rpm, 162 lb-ft of torque at 1,800 rpm / Min in combination of a continuous variable transmission (CVT).

As soon as you sit in the car and you close the door, you realize that the manufacturing quality is very good. Honda added an acoustic glass for the front windshield and triple seals to the doors to ensure a quiet and soundproof environment. The interior is spacious for its size which is equipped with a storage space. I liked the presentation of the front center console. The cabin was really a nice place.

The car includes several options! Infotainment system, wireless charger, front and rear heated seats, rearview camera, windscreen wiper with rain sensor and many more. But what really stood out for me was Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and the Unintentional Line Crossing Assistance System (LKAS). In short, the ACC detects the car in front of you and keeps with its speed automatically with the ability to start and stop, and the LKAS which keeps the vehicle in the track on the highway. So, if both are activated, you will practically have a car that is autopilot! Although you should always keep both hands on the steering wheel at all times.

As for driving performance, the new Honda is superbly balanced. The steering and suspension reacted well in the curves, but were not too sensitive or difficult. The 1.5 L turbo has an excellent power strip with more than enough torque at low revs to make accelerations or overtaking, something totally different from the previous Civic.

In short, Honda still succeeded. The Civic 2017 is affordable, full of features and is now available with a turbocharged engine that delivers great performance and fuel efficiency. This may well be the best Civic to date.

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Thanks to @hondaSterose for hospitality.