Understanding Millennials’ decisions about cars

Today, millenials are one of the largest segments of vehicle buyers and also represent more than a quarter of the entire Canadian population. The automobile industry must consider them in order to continue to develop itself. Millenials are thus evolving the industry.

In fact, millenials are not looking for the same features as their parents when they make a car purchase decision.

This generation is into technology at its finest. They have a desire for smartphone enabling systems such as Bluetooth and wireless connections, music features and mobile integration.

According to an Autotraders survey, 80% of millenials finds essential to have a connection between their smartphone and vehicle infotainment features. Canada’s General Motors President also stated that « If you don’t have Apple CarPlay now, you are behind the curve ».

However, not only entertainement technology matters. A poll conducted for Ford by the firm Penn Schoen Berland showed that others when driving scare millennials. Indeed, 88% of them fear motorists driving dangerously more than anything else! More than snakes and spiders, can you believe it?

Thus, automakers must consider the need for autonomous driving features millenials are looking for. Millennials want blind spot detection and parking assistance at the very least.

Other than the car features, millennials also want different types of cars. Even though they do not have enough purchasing power to buy a car now, millennials are interested in high-end cars. They look for practical ones, such as suvs.

When buying a vehicle, millennials look for a lot of information and consider word-of-mouth a lot. Millennials do care about what brands communicate to them. They want the brand to provide the purpose they are seeking naturally. This is why it is important that brands enhance engagement prematurely.

Millennials use the media during their path to purchase, thus manufacturers have to review their communication to them. The generation is in need of transparency, efficiency and consistency in every aspect. It can be for the pricing, the messaging, but also the values shared by the company. Millennials have sensitivity when the brand is aligned with their social conscience and beliefs.

This is why automotive brands must and have to be present on social media. It will not only permit them to get instant connections, but also to get ratings and reviews from the millennials’ generation, for whom it really matters.