9 Tips For Safety in an Emergency on the Road

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Emergency roads arrive at each driver. A flat tire, a flat battery or an accident can happen at any time – and you will end up on the roadside waiting for repairs or towing.Whether you are performing repairs yourself on your vehicle or you are waiting for support, it is important that you take safety precautions while you are on the roadside. Continue reading to learn how to proceed safely, and discover the boostmi application that could help you get assistance quickly.

Emergency Road Safety Tips

If you are on the roadside, you will need to be careful. Follow these tips for your safety.

1. Take action immediately : If you are experiencing car problems, make sure you are on the right track, because if you wait too long, your car can come to a standstill before you can tie up.

2. Stay as far from the road as possible : In the event of an emergency, it is important to get to a safe place. The shoulder will do the trick if this is your only option, but it’s best to get off the highway, then try to find a rest area or a parking lot. Try to stop if possible under a street light. Never stop at corners or curves, at the bottom of a hill or on a narrow road. Do not stop on the left shoulder unless you have no other choice, as you will be unable to get out of your car and drive off-road. Even if you destroy your tire, continue until you are safe.

3. Warn other motorists on the road : Turn on your hazard warning lights, and if you have safety cones, signs, flares, triangles or lights; Use them to increase your visibility. If you are stopped in the middle of the night, do not forget to leave your lights on. You can also extract your hood to alert others to your car problems.

4. Call for Roadside Assistance : Contact your roadside assistance company immediately if you have one through your insurance club. They are usually available 24/7 and will take you to the nearest place to repair your vehicle.

5. Get out of your car only when you are safe : When faced with an emergency situation, you may feel panic-stricken and want to investigate the situation immediately. But be careful when you get out of your car, especially if you’re still near the highway. Disembark from the side of the passenger if there is traffic on the driver’s side. And of course, pay attention to cars in traffic before opening your door.

6. Remember, you’re in the traffic : If you’re on the shoulder, keep in mind that you and your car are not protected by the thin white line that separates you from other accelerating cars on Highway. If you can not do your own repairs on the roadside safely, it is best to stay inside the vehicle with your seat belt attached and your doors locked. Do not position yourself behind or beside your vehicle.

7. Be prepared with emergency care : Keep a first aid kit, water, food, including tools, a spare tire, duct tape, a http: // bit booster pack . Ly / 2buOHj2 , a rope and gloves. You must also have flags, flares or reflective triangles to warn other drivers that you are having difficulty.

8. Know when to call a professional : Some vehicle owners can make quick repairs on the roadside by themselves, but even the most knowledgeable handymen can endanger themselves, so it is important to know When to ask for help. Use your best judgment.

Boostmi Roadside Assistance Application

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