Acura TLX 2017 Road Test

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I have always admired Acura; They were the first Japanese luxury brand and they are also responsible for producing legendary cars like the NSX and the Integra Type-R. One of my good friends is working at one of the Acura dealers, so I contacted him to take a ride on the new TLX 2017 and of course to get his news at the same time!

The TLX replaces the TL which has completed its series in 2014. In my opinion, the design of this model is a perfect marriage between the third and fourth generation of the Acura TL, the result being quite attractive.

The Car

My boyfriend handed me the keys of the very well equipped version of the TLX, the SH-AWD TECH, and we left. Its 3.5-liter i-vtec V6 engine is rated at 290hp 6200 rpm and 267 lb-ft at 4500 rpm, combined with a 9-speed SportShift automatic transmission with selectors.

From the inside, the first thing that stands out is the selector lever knob that has been replaced by simple buttons to move from P, R, N or D next to two cupholders, which seems strange at first, But turns out to be pretty cool.

The car is full of gadgets. For example, the brake hold function keeps the rear brake in place, even after releasing the brake pedal; All you have to do is press the accelerator pedal to release the brake, and you just have to put your foot back on the brake to start again, this can be very useful during road traffic. You also have the Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS) which essentially keeps your car between the dotted lines on the road and much more.

The cabin as a whole looks welcoming, but not breathtaking. What I liked the most was the comfort and space of the back seat. It is a five-seat vehicle, but with only 2 passengers back, chances are they would feel like in a comfortable and spacious lounge.

Unfortunately, this is not only good news for this Acura. When I activated the plus mode, pressed the throttle, and used the speed selectors, this whole experience was disappointing. I was expecting more scope from the engine and the transmission in that car. I had the same disappointment with the maneuverability, by hitting the curves, the car did not seem stable, despite a considerable weight of 1722 kg, I expected a better behavior due to the system SH-AWD which manages the ‘ Torque vectoring ” and sends power to the wheels that need it for turns.

When I came back from my little ride, I took a little time to discuss the car with my friend and we agreed on one point. By buying this vehicle, you would make a rational, rather than emotional decision. By this I mean that if you are of the type to prioritize reliability and CTP (total cost of ownership), which includes depreciation, interest on your loan, taxes and related expenses, insurance premiums, Fuel costs, maintenance, and repairs and you are not concerned about owning a super luxury and super performing vehicle, you will be generally satisfied with the Acura TLX, and you would enter the vehicle category More refined without hurting your budget.

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